We are a two-piece cover band featuring killer vocals and dual guitars. We play a little of everything, with emphasis on blues-y and soulful music. Our set list covers a wide variety of music, including John Mayer, Leon Bridges, Dave Matthews Band, Marc Broussard, Young the Giant, Sublime and many others. Our set list is constantly growing.

Dave Zager

Dave, aka “The Love Machine,” has been
singing since before he could talk. Whether it’s singing a cappella or fronting a full band, Dave can fill the room with his vocals accompanied by his rhythm guitar.

Growing up in a house filled with talented musicians, Dave’s musical influences were as random and eclectic as a cow that barks. While he would “sing anything once,” he prefers to cover musicians like Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer and Leon Bridges. It’s also rumored that Dave is related to Lenny Kravitz, but no one knows for sure….

Earle Wood

Earle is a Baltimore guy to his core.
When he’s not playing music or teaching guitar lessons, he is actively trying to tone down his Bawlmore-ese. You know, hon? The struggle is real.

Earle has been playing the guitar almost as long as he has been going to Orioles games. In fact, during the dark, pre-Buck era of 14 straight losing seasons, Earle would often retreat to his guitar room and wash away the sorrow with sweet, sweet music-making.

If Earle had to choose between a beer and a guitar, he would choose the guitar. Then, he’d smash the person who is giving him this terrible ultimatum over the head with the guitar (preferably a Les Paul) and take the beer anyway. As he steps over the crumpled body of the unconscious man, Earle would quip “kiss my axe” or some stupid shit like that. That’s what Earle does: drinks beer, plays guitar and makes dumb jokes.